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The time has come! HACCP professionals can have their skills and experiences recognized for this brand new Canadian Certified HACCP Professional designation, presented by the Food Processing Human Resources Council. Enhance your status in the industry with the CCHP designation by becoming…

  • A food safety leader;
  • An industry expert;
  • Innovative;
  • And most importantly: Successful!

As a Canadian Certified HACCP Professional, the nation can rely on you to ensure food safety practices are the priority in your food processing facility. This new title, along with your extensive knowledge and experience, grants you the ability to improve and enhance your facility, their training methods, and food safety standards.

Make a difference. Register today and become a leader in food safety!

Step by Step Video

To allow for a smooth process throughout this exam, FPSC has clearly outlined the 8 steps it takes for candidates to gain their CCHP status. Important, qualifying exams, such as this one, can be very stressful on candidates. Luckily, the FPSC makes it easy to register, write the exam, and renew your designation in 8 easy steps!

In this video, we have outlined every important step it takes to gain your CCHP designation and be on your way to being a leader in the food processing industry.

If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to contact FPSC:

Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC)

Main Phone: (613) 237-7988
Toll free: 877-963-7472
Email: CCHPinfo@fpsc-ctac.com

Discover What We Have to Offer

Pricing Options

Practice Exam

  • Based on National Occupational Standards
  • Receive a pass/fail, and a breakdown of each category
  • Mimics the questions on the CCHP exam

CCHP Designation Exam

  • This exam package includes the Work Experience Portfolio, Registration access, and the CCHP Exam.
  • 300 multiple choice questions
  • Online, on-demand, 24/7
  • Receive certificate, transcript, and a CCHP pin with passing grade

NOS HACCP Coordinator, Full Standard and Checklist

  • Top study tool for CCHP exam
  • Standards help overcome HR challenges
  • Increase efficiency and food safety standards

Developing a HACCP Plan manual, E-Book

  • Provides professionals with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to develop a HACCP plan
  • Course developed by FPSC


* Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC) reserves the right to updates fees as required.

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