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Canada is transitioning to even higher food safety standards with the Safe Food for Canada Act. With these strict standards and programs being introduced, Canada needs experienced professionals to ensure consumers are receiving excellent and safe products.

FPSC is proud to offer current HACCP professionals the opportunity to advance their careers with this exam and designation. For your benefit, we offer multiple study resources and recommendations, and a step-by-step guide on how to be fully successful throughout the exam process. Explore our website, and be on your way to gaining your designation!

Becoming a Canadian Certified HACCP Professional does not only come with a new title next to your name,
but also provides recognition of your knowledge, leadership, and the chance to educate others.

Gaining the CCHP designation opens up many opportunities. Employees, employers, the food industry, and even Canadians can all benefit from this success.

As a CCHP, you will:

  • Increase your success in the food processing industry
  • Gain recognition with the new CCHP title in your name
  • Become a leader in Food Safety
  • Gain physical proof of your HACCP knowledge
  • Apply your knowledge within your facility and among your co-workers
  • Instill safety standards to benefit millions of Canadians
  • Increase your career opportunities for the future
  • Demonstrate that you meet the national standard

Your employer will:

  • Increase the standards in their facility for food safety with your skills
  • Benefit from your extended knowledge
  • Learn from your leadership
  • Demonstrate the industry’s high standards

The CCHP designation is valuable for both experienced professionals already working in a HACCP role and for those who are working in other related positions within the food processing industry. This professional designation is recommended for those working in:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Safety
  • Quality Management
  • HACCP Management
  • Coordinator or Supervisor roles
  • Food Auditors
  • Food Inspectors
  • Food Consultants
  • Food Regulators in Government

Are you a student, but still interested in gaining your CCHP designation? Students are able to count a portion of their studies against the work experience requirement.  Find out more information below, under the topic: “Prepare My Students for Certification”.

The experience you already have is a very large factor in eligibility and exam results. In order to qualify for this exam, candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • 3 years of work experience within the last 5 years. This must be in the food processing field, in a related profession, or in a similar role where you can demonstrate relevant experience.
  • Volunteer, research and academic practical HACCP work experience. This may count for up to 1 year of the 3-year HACCP work experience requirement.

Candidates must gather information on their various types of experience in order to complete the Work Experience Portfolio form before it is submitted for approval. This document, along with payment, will begin the registration process.

Food Processing Skills Canada is responsible for conducting an annual random audit of 5%-10% of all applications through which evidence of information reported by candidates is requested. Candidates will be informed if their submission may be subject to an audit.

All fees associated with the CCHP exam are necessary in helping candidates gain their designation. Before the exam process can begin, the Work Experience Portfolio and the Registration and Exam fees must all be paid in full and submitted to the Registrar prior to writing the exam. For excellent preparation, please explore the wide variety of industry-specific study resources as well. All other fees assist candidates with their preparation, discrepancies, or usage of the designation.

See the detailed chart below for all CCHP Designation fees:

2017 CCHP Pricing Options

Practice Exam

  • Based on National Occupational Standards
  • Receive a pass/fail, and a breakdown of each category
  • Mimics the questions on the CCHP exam

CCHP Designation Exam

  • This exam package includes the Work Experience Portfolio, Registration forms, and the CCHP Exam.
  • 300 multiple choice questions
  • Online, on-demand, 24/7
  • Receive certificate, transcript, and a CCHP pin with passing grade

NOS HACCP Coordinator, Full Standard and Checklist

  • Top study tool for CCHP exam
  • Standards help overcome HR challenges
  • Increase efficiency and food safety standards

Developing a HACCP Plan manual, E-Book

  • Provides professionals with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to develop a HACCP plan
  • Course developed by FPSC

Additional Fees

Re-Write $115.00 CAD
Renewal $225.00 CAD
Developing HACCP Plan $32.50 CAD
Refund if application is not approved ** -$200.00 CAD
Exam Failure $50.00 CAD

* The Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC) reserves the right to updates fees as required.

**Prices listed are charged in USD by third-party testing provider. Prices are listed in CAD to represent the exchange rate.

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Are you thinking about introducing your students to the CCHP exam and designation? There are many simple ways to have them prepare:

  • Introduce the HACCP Standards early in the course or program
  • Accredit your course curriculum against the standard
  • Ensure that students have a copy of the standards
  • Integrate the standards into your courses – reference them in your classes, make them a required resource, use them in projects and assignments
  • Utilize the other certification resources – Log Book for Educators, Educators’ User Guide
  • Conduct a Certification Prep Session with students – review the presentation for students, review the prep tips
  • Complete the practice exam in class – review the results with students – identify areas that need improvement and return to the standards for more information”
Having the proper experience and knowledge will benefit you greatly throughout the CCHP designation process. Begin by filling out the Work Experience Portfolio completely, and submit to the registrar for review. In 5 business days, you will receive an email letting you know if your application was accepted or not.


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