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How to Use the Designation

As a leader in food safety, you display your CCHP designation proudly. Co-workers look up to you, employers trust you, and Canadians rely on you to provide them with safe food products. These vast responsibilities can lead you to great success. Work hard, and use your designation in ways that will get you recognized:

  • At the workplace: Demonstrate to food safety regulators and auditors your food safety knowledge, abilities and attributes.
  • On business related material: Displaying your credential on business cards, in email signatures, and on correspondences. It shows your commitment to professionalism and industry leadership.
  • On résumés: Employers recognize and look for professional designations and industry credentials when hiring. Display your designation to stand out from the crowd and move your résumé to the top of the pile.
  • On social media: From Facebook to LinkedIn, including your Canadian Certified HACCP Professional (CCHP) credential in your profile is a great way to make connections and be found by other professionals in your industry.
  • To promote careers in the food processing industry: As an expert in the industry, your influence is important. This will encourage others to think about careers in food processing, and help attract the best new applicants, and even youth, to the industry.

Maintaining Your Credential

Each successful applicant will be required to renew their CCHP designation every 3 years. This process is fairly simple, with a list of priorities required to obtain a successful renewal.

Before the 3 years are up, a CCHP has the responsibility to continue educating themselves and enhancing their experiences in the food processing industry. With a knowledge in food safety constantly being refreshed, Canadians can trust in CCHP’s to provide them with safe products.

For a complete list of renewal requirements, access to the application, and the process, please visit the Renewing Your Designation page.

Certified HACCP Professional Designation