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  • This course provides supervisors, Quality Assurance personnel and managers in the food processing industry with knowledge and practical experience necessary to develop a HACCP plan. This study source is an excellent tool in furthering or maintaining your knowledge as a professional in the food processing industry.   Major Topics:
      • General Knowledge of HACCP
      • Preparing for HACCP - Preliminary Steps
      • Development of the HACCP Plan - HACCP Principles
      • Quality Assurance and HACCP
  • Before writing the CCHP exam, study the NOS HACCP Coordinator Standard and Checklist to compare your skills and experiences, and fill in any potential gaps in knowledge. These standards are used industry-wide, and are one of your key CCHP study resources!

    Log- Book For Employers: Skills Assessment Checklist

    Food Safety and proper quality assurance systems are an integral part of food processing, it is critical that the HACCP team is properly trained, managed and adhere to a common set of criteria. Use this industry standard to assess your skills learned on the job and through training. Gaps in knowledge and deficiencies within abilities can easily be identified, and are easy to polish using the Full Standard.

    National Occupational Standards for a HACCP Coordinator - Full Standard

    How can you evaluate your knowledge and skills to identify your competencies?

    The standards are set up in easy-to-read charts that are broken up into sections, tasks and subtasks that define the knowledge and abilities required for HACCP professionals. Through comparing your skills and experiences to the standard, using the chart, you will be able to classify the skills you possess or any potential gaps.

  • Test your knowledge and experiences as a food processing industry professional with this top CCHP study tool. The Practice Exam allows candidates to complete a 40-question test which mimics the official exam. Similarly to the real exam, each question has four possible choices and only one correct answer. All choices are designed to be realistic and distract unqualified candidates from the correct choice; practice reading the choices carefully in order to be successful.
    • Based on National Occupational Standards
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