Accommodation Policy


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Accommodation Policy

If you have a disability or other special needs that could interfere with your test performance, you will need to complete the accommodation request form.

Accommodation (Special Testing) Request Form

Candidates with a disability or additional needs may request special accommodations by completing and submitting this form. It is requested that candidates submit their special accommodations request as soon as possible; at latest, a minimum of 5 business days before your scheduled exam. Candidates that have submitted a request will be contacted by the Registrar’s office within a reasonable timeframe, indicating a decision. Special accommodation requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Special testing requests will be reviewed to determine if appropriate assistance is available. A special testing request will only be granted when there is reasonable assurance that the candidate will have a fair and equitable opportunity to write the exam. Special testing measures must be reasonable while not compromising the validity and reliability of the assessment instruments.

Candidate Contact Information:

Exam Details:

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I would like to request the following special testing assistance:


The CCHP exam is available in either English or French versions. Individuals that are not proficient in either language may request special testing, however, it is important to note that all exams are based on the Occupational Standard for the profession, and reflect the type and level of language contained in the Standard. Special testing measures will not overcome issues associated with literacy or lack of ability to communicate on the job.

No additional costs

Cost of interpreter

Cost of translation of the exam


CCHP exam is offered online. In this format, individuals may be able to adjust the size of text and alter the lighting conditions.

No additional costs

No additional costs

No additional costs

Cost of adapting assessment tool & Cost of special admin (e.g. shipping)


No additional costs

No additional costs


Please provide a description of your conditions that justify the special testing request (e.g. medical diagnosis, history of previous special testing requests)

Please verify your form and then submit:

Accomodation Policy - HACCP Certification Canada