Renewing Your Designation


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The CCHP designation requires a renewal every three (3) years. The process includes the submission of an online renewal application, and payment of a renewal fee. The application form will hold your information on your professional activities, commitment to training, and current experience.

Your renewal will not be accepted unless both the fee and the application form are completed and submitted.

Please download the Renewal Application here: DOWNLOAD, and visit the HACCP Store to pay the renewal fee.

Renewal Requirements:

To maintain their status as a Canadian Certified HACCP Professional, candidates must meet the minimal requirements. Instead of completing another exam, CCHP’s must take part in the following:

  • Continue to work in the food processing industry in a HACCP role, or similar role, over the 3 years since first receiving the designation or since the past renewal.
  • Attendance in 5-10 workshops, courses or conferences – related to HACCP, food safety, leadership, etc. – throughout the 3 year period. Each event must be a minimum of 4-hours in duration. Evidence, such as a letter from the host or a certificate of completion, of participation and attendance is required.
  • Complete and submit the CCHP renewal form every 3 years.

These requirements ensure each Canadian Certified HACCP Professional is keeping true to their tested skills and designation, and are knowledgeable of the vast and common changes in the food processing industry.

The Registrar is responsible for conducting an annual random audit of 5%-10% of all renewal applications through which evidence of information reported by candidates is requested. Candidates will be informed if their submission may be subject to an audit.

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