Work Experience Portfolio Form

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Work Experience Portfolio


Certification verifies that a food processing worker is competent, when measured against the HACCP Core Competency Profile. Based on the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for HACCP Professionals, the National Occupational Standard describes the knowledge, abilities and attitudes that are expected of proficient and experienced HACCP Professionals in Canada. To achieve this designation, candidates must:
  1. Meet the minimum work experience requirements
  2. Successfully pass the written knowledge exam
Candidates will use this form to record information on relevant experience including employment history, professional voluntary activities, and completed education and training. Note: To meet the work experience requirements, candidates must demonstrate a minimum of 3 years of HACCP work experience within the last 5 years. Work experience can be in the food processing field, in a related profession, or in a similar role in which they can demonstrate relevant experience. Candidates must demonstrate that their experience was acquired by:
  • Work Experience - Minimum 70% of the experience total must come from paid work experience.
All work experience may come from paid employment, however, candidates may also demonstrate additional experience in the following areas, up to the indicated maximum contribution of their total.
  • Volunteer Experience - Maximum 10%
  • Formal Education / Academic Studies – Maximum 10%
  • Other Credentials and Training - Maximum 10%
  • Research – Maximum 5%


Candidates will submit a summary of their experience for review by the Registrar’s Office. This includes any experience gained from paid employment, volunteer experience (including co-op, intern or other unpaid work terms), formal education or other training, and should reflect the scope of practice as outlined in the Core Competency Profile.
  1. Complete, sign and submit form to the Registrar:
    1. Accepted methods of submission: Only accepting electronic submissions of this formvia email, the form may be filled out electronically or by hand and scanned in.
    2. Labelling the Work Experience Portfolio: To ensure that all applications are receivedand processed without error, the submission of the Work Experience Portfolio file mustbe properly labelled. Use the name of the document, followed by your full name. Example: “Work Experience Portfolio_John Smith”
    3. Where to submit: Email to the Registrar’s Office at
  2. FPHRC Registrar will verify submission:
    • Determine if sufficient information is provided by candidate
    • Determine if minimum work experience is achieved. This may involve verifying informationfor authenticity. The Registrar may contact you for additional information or clarity.
  3. Candidate will receive notification of result: approved, declined, or incomplete.


  • Include “self-employed” employment.
  • Start with current or most recent employment.






  • Include any unpaid employment (e.g. work terms, co-op, internships).
  • Start with the current or most recent volunteer experience.




Start with current or most recent program or course.





The CCHP Designation recognizes that education and training environments often have practical training component attached; you may use the practical training to gain qualifying hours as work experience.
  • Include courses and training not previously mentioned on this form (certificates, diplomas, etc.).
  • Make a note about any work experience you may have gained as part of a program.
  • Include any other professional credentials you have.
  • Also, include any awards you may have received.


The CCHP Designation recognizes published and ongoing research in the field of food processing.
  • Include any published research reports (either individually or in collaboration)
  • Include an overview of the research objective and a summary of the research



Declaration & Statement of Accountability, Ethics, and Confidentiality

Complete the following declaration:

CCHP designation is a professional credential that aims to recognize individuals that meet an industry standard. The process is voluntary and involves rigorous assessment methods and evidence of relevant experience.

I confirm that the information submitted regarding my work, volunteer, and education experience is accurate and meets the eligibility requirements for the Canadian Certified HACCP Professional designation assigned by the FPHRC.

I agree not to disclose any details on the content covered in the CCHP exam with other candidates, colleagues, trainers, or friends. I acknowledge my responsibility to uphold the confidentiality of this exam.

I agree not to copy, film, or photograph the examination material. I acknowledge that if I am caught cheating or stealing exam content, I will receive an automatic fail and will not be allowed to re-write the exam for a period of two years from the date of incident. I may also be subject to prosecution in some jurisdictions.

I agree to maintain my profile to keep personal contact information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If I do not renew my certified status, I acknowledge that I am no longer authorized to use the designation assigned by FPHRC until the certification has been successfully renewed with the certifying body.


Created in 2009 as a council for Canadian food processors, the Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC) works long term with industry partners, processors, educators and regulatory agencies to develop a stronger, more prosperous industry with leading edge standards of employee preparedness and productivity through human resource strategies and programs. The FPHRC provides national leadership as a forum and support for industry to address human resource issues, assisting in building a competitive, sustainable, and attractive industry; and regionally through their representatives to assist all processors and their workers with training, skills upgrading and more.

Verify your entries and submit your form: