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The following 6 practice questions are examples of the types of questions that candidates will see on the CCHP exam. Each test question has only one clear best answer; all other choices may appear to be reasonable, but not correct. Read each question carefully and select one answer. Check your results at the end of this section, and review the National Occupational Standards to give you further information or insight on the related topic.

Sample Question #1

While conducting a gap analysis, Sophie notices that the temperature of the cooking system does not meet regulation. Sophie approaches the employee responsible and questions him about the process and why he didn’t notice this issue sooner. Which rule is Sophie breaking when she does this?

  1. Maintain confidentiality.
  2. Focus on finding facts not faults.
  3. Verify through inspection.
  4. Identify priorities.

Sample Question #2

What is the first step in designing a recall plan?

  1. Assess complaint files.
  2. Develop a recall contact list.
  3. Establish a recall management team.
  4. Prepare mock recall schedule.

Sample Question #3

Juan reviews his plant schematic. How should he verify that the information is accurate and complete?

  1. Perform an internal audit.
  2. Conduct on-site check.
  3. Discuss schematic with HACCP team.
  4. Compare to previous plant schematics.

Sample Question #4

A customer’s concern about an ingredient is directed to the HACCP Coordinator. How can the Coordinator respond to the customer’s concerns?

  1. Review consumer complaints for this ingredient.
  2. Offer an alternative formulation.
  3. Direct him to where he can find the appropriate regulations.
  4. Explain ingredient risk assessment.

Sample Question #5

A manager approaches the HACCP Coordinator for information on food safety standards for the operation of the packaging department. Where is the best source of information?

  1. Company policies.
  2. FSEP
  3. Equipment manuals.
  4. Canadian Food Inspection Standards.

Sample Question #6

A HACCP Coordinator’s manager is reluctant to allow the implementation of a new piece of cutting-edge technology. The HACCP Coordinator arrives at his manager’s office with a complete implementation plan that includes all of the benefits and cost savings the new technology will bring. The manager understands the plan and is now enthusiastic about the idea. How did the HACCP Coordinator’s action demonstrate leadership?

  1. By taking the initiative to draw up the plan.
  2. By using authority to take control of the situation.
  3. By facilitating change.
  4. By making his manager see that this was important to the organization.

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